In 1970 Turchi begun as a small family run business in Italy, leading the way with the innovation and development of the first hydraulic pile driving machine. Since then, while still being a family based company, it has grown to become a multi-national company with stockists and agencies worldwide. Turchi specialise in the development and production of commercial use post drivers. With almost half a century of extensive experience we continue to lead the industry into an exciting future, ahead of the competition.

Turchi has a worldwide footprint with machines, clients and dealerships.  We have been providing the service, support and technology to the world since we began in 1970.

What we do

All our machines have been specifically designed and built by our accomplished engineers in Italy, with a wide variety of machines and attachments, we can meet all your needs. With focus on safety and performance through innovative design and a genuine interest and understanding of the need of the installer, our experienced team will work with you to understand your business requirements and expectations and guide you to the perfect business solution for your requirements.Turchi products are made with Italian precision and pride – when you purchase a Turchi you are investing in quality and reliability, with ongoing support from the team at Turchi.


Our support and sales representative are extensively trained in various industries, the machines specifications, machine operations and safety requirements of the entire Turchi range. The diverse team are willing and committed to meeting the various stages of your requirements and through the life of the machine and growth of you company and its capabilities.


Main photo - Photo supplied courtesy of WTEC and its afiliated entity AED -  taken on their 265 MW Project in California

Our vision / mission

Turchi’s mission is to provide continued innovation and performance in post driving equipment. We are proud to give our clients a competitive advantage via industry leading customer support.

Our investment in our people is imperative, to achieve this we invest in staff development, training and safety.

As the developer of the 1st pile driving machine we have refined our product, making them simple to use, creating an easy solution for our clients and the industry as a whole.  Assisting our Clients to be become the leaders in the industry, with state of the art technology, unrivaled customer support and the drive the team at Turchi have to assist our clients every step of the way. 

At Turchi, we not only provide you with the best machine, but also the competitive edge for your company to strive.

This core mission has allowed Turchi to grow into a worldwide enterprise, preferred by customers worldwide in reputation and standard.